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Education: Endicott College, BFA.

Tufts University in conjunction with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MAT.

I am an artist and a teacher. My art is inspired by many things - my Catholic faith and the saints, poets, painters, family members, hopes, memories, and passions. When I think deeply about the artists I admire, I can see the thumbprint of their influence in my work. I experiment with a variety of media. I love working on pieces with many layers, and several stages - digital photographic collages, mixed-media watercolors and magazine collages are my current favorites. But it’s always evolving.


My love of creating inspired me to share my passion. I teach art at the elementary school level. Children are excited by everything. It's fun to watch them as they discover the wonders of art for the first time - mixing paint and creating new colors, creating something out of clay and admiring it after it has been fired, working on a drawing from start to completion and feeling excited about their achievements. I also love seeing children figure out what type of artists they are. Are they abstract artists? Are they sculptors, weavers, printmakers? It's an honor to take that journey with them.

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